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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Vaibhav
About Vaibhav

Vaibhav Garg is a renowned Clinical & Sports Nutritionist. He has studied at the best Indian and English (UK) Universities.

On the Sports Nutrition front, he has worked in the India Premier League (IPL) with the Delhi Daredevils, working closely with professional cricketers; and is currently active with the Super Fight League & Super Boxing League, working closely with professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters and Boxers from all over the world. He assists them in managing their diets and helps them get the best our of their training and performance.

On the Therapeutic Nutrition front, he has helped 1000s of individuals overcome problems of Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Asthma, Varicose Veins, Thyroidism, PCOD/PCOS, and other metabolic issues purely through food based therapy, or what he likes to call 'Diet Therapy'.


His motto is simple- "Food IS Medicine". He emphasises on education of the food sciences so that every household can manage their lifestyle in the best way possible.
Vaibhav's goal is to always provide the most natural methods and foods possible to achieve these results. "Our bodies are not meant to consume synthetic products, the more scientifically correct food we consume, the better our body will respond to our needs!"

Vaibhav Garg at the Super Fight League

Our Services

Whether you are a serious athlete, an office goer looking at getting in shape, or suffering from lifestyle disorders like Diabetes; we customize plans for your lifestyle.

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Clinical Nutrition

Diseases such as diabetes, thyroid issues, obesity, PCOS can be tackled through a tuned nutrition program.

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Sports Nutrition

Athletes are often concerned with dietary manipulations in the period around competition. We help you with what suits your training needs best.

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A balanced diet and regular exercise is necessary for all humans. We help you stay on track with the right plan.



Recipe and Advice

Check out the latest in nutrition and diet therapy; and even some delicious recipes that you can prepare right in your kitchen, on our blog. 

We are bringing word from the best in the world of nutrition and fitness.

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Usha Venkatesh

Usha came to us with elevated levels of Cholestrol (now 188, was 255) and Triglycerides (now 170, was 438) after her doctor told her that she might get a heart attack at anytime. She was showing prediabetic symptoms as well (HbA1c now is 5.8, was 6.5). After reading positive reviews about us online, she decided to take a chance with Diet Therapy. She took a leap of faith and after just 3months, she has lost 6kgs and is 3 dress sizes down. Her hair and skin is better than ever, her energy levels are top notch and all parameters are under control. "My life has absolutely changed, mentally, physically and emotionally. 



Girish Lawania

Girish came to us for multiple problems - Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Arthritis, Obesity and Hypertension. After starting the Diet Therapy program. In 4 months he has seen all his parameters come down. He is almost off all his medications and relies solely on his diet. Girish has lost 16kgs and about 4-5 inches as well. "Yahan aane ke baad bahut acha lag rha hai muje". He also added in jest, "jisko bhi weight lose karna hai, Vaibhav Garg ke paas ja kar zaroor try karen.


Sangeeta Chadha

For Sangeeta, the major issue was Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had tried every treatment available in western medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda without getting any results. After just a few months of Diet Therapy, not only have her infections and digestive issues stopped, she has 90% relief from all Arthritis related pain. She often cheats as well but her body responds so much better to natural foods now as opposed to the endless number of treatments she had tried before. "I highly recommend the Diet Therapy to everyone. It is about the simple changes in lifestyle that makes you feel so light and comfortable without resorting to any medicine.


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