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Health & Wellness

Discover the best version of yourself. Let us help you transform your life by maximising your body's true potential. Leave your problems & worries behind for good.

Clinical Nutrition

Don’t let your metabolic problems weight you down. Find out what the latest science is saying about your favourite foods to make the healthiest choices for you & your family.

Sports Nutrition

Want to boost athletic performance and get the best results from your training? Vaibhav has worked with the world’s best athletes so learn about their secrets and techniques.


Your online cook book to the most delicious & healthy recipes that will ensure you get the best taste without compromising on the nutritional content of foods.

Happy Customers

Girish came to us because of multiple problems- Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Arthritis, Obesity & Hypertension. After starting the Diet Therapy program, in 4 months he has seen all his parameters come down. He is almost off all his medication and relies solely on his diet. He has lost 16 kgs and about 4-5 inches as well. "Yahan aane ke baad bahut acha lag raha hai mujhe." he jokingly also added "jisko bhi weight lose karna hai, Vaibhav Garg ke paas ja kar zaroor try karein.

Girish Lawania

Usha came to us with elevated levels of Cholesterol (now 180, was 255) and Triglycerides (now 170, was 438) after her Doctor told her that she might get a heart attack at anytime. She was showing pre-diabetic symptoms as well (HbA1c now is 5.8, was 6.5). After reading positive reviews about us online, she decided to take a chance with Diet Therapy. She took the leap of faith and after just 3 months, she has lost 6 kgs, is down 3 dress sizes, her hair and skin are better than ever, her energy levels are top notch and all parameters are under control. "My life has absolutely changed, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Usha Venkatesh

For Sangeeta, the major issue was Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sangeeta had tried every treatment possible available through western medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda without getting any results. After just a few months of diet therapy, not only have her infections and digestive issues stopped, she has 90% relief from all Arthritis related pains. She often cheats as well but her body responds so much better to natural foods now as opposed to the endless number of treatments that she had taken before. "I highly recommend the Diet Therapy to everyone. It is about simple changes in your lifestyle that makes you feel so light and comfortable without resorting to any medication.

Sangeeta Chadha

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